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⁉️ Are you a first-time buyer in the UK dreaming of owning a home but struggling to gather a hefty deposit?

🤯 The journey to homeownership can certainly feel daunting, especially with the traditional requirement of a substantial deposit amounting to 10-20% of the property price.

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Imagine being able to secure your first home with a lower deposit requirement of just 1%, with a minimum of just £5,000. This remarkable opportunity not only alleviates the financial burden associated with a high deposit but also paves the way for more individuals to embark on their homeownership journey sooner rather than later. With this innovative mortgage product, it has never been easier to turn your homeownership dreams into reality.

As with all mortgage products there are terms and conditions to meet suitability, however the terms on first glance do appear to be quite palatable for a buyer.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with our neighbour on the Nostell Business Estate, HomeLife Financial Solutions who have kindly offered free consultations with those wondering if this offer could be suitable for them.

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