So, you’ve made the decision to consider selling your home…what’s the next steps?

Book a complimentary property advice meeting (AKA a Valuation). We prefer the term property advice meetings as the conversation you have with the agent should be so much more than just the number/ value they come up with.

The best advice we could give you at the stage of appointing your Estate Agent is to think of this visit as a chance to treat it as a job interview…let us explain!

Your Estate Agent will be someone you will be working closely alongside for at least the next few months, sometimes longer. You are entrusting them with the sale of your biggest financial asset. It should be like a job interview, after all you are employing them to provide a highly expected level of service.

Given that choosing your Estate Agent is not something you will do in everyday life, here are some thought provoking questions which may help establish which agents will be best to represent you.

What Questions should you ask your Estate Agent when they visit?

Is the price (Valuation) you are giving me an accurate sale price or is it a marketing price?

Things to consider: This can be a big difference. What evidence can your Agent show to back up this figure.

Will you deal with the same Agent from start to finish? If not, who is accountable for ensuring the marketing strategy remains on track?

Things to consider: Some agents will have the manager come to visit you but after signing the contract, you then deal with a different person from the firm, and sometimes even someone else after an offer has been accepted!

What does your marketing strategy look like?

Having your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket (The main property portals) should be standard. How will your Agent maximise Social Media to reach a wider audience?

Things to consider: Will your Estate Agent regularly post about your property to a good local following. In recent years we have noticed great success sharing homes for sale in local Facebook groups. To us, this is often an untapped opportunity by a lot of other Agents.

How long are the contracts that the agent will tie you in? Anything above 12 weeks is outdated and unnecessary. This should be a red flag!

Things to consider: Agents will look to lock you into a sole agency agreement which means that during the length of the agreement you can not onboard a new agent. Something to consider would be to run through the worse case scenario, if the agent is not performing as you would expect, are you able to leave in a fair timely manner is a great question to ask.

Are there penalties if you want to break the contract with the Agent?

Things to consider: Hidden fees are unfortunately a thing with some Estate Agents, if you do not sell your home or you would like to change to a different Estate Agent, ask the question; will this cost you money?

How can the Agent help provide security of an offer from a potential buyer before we take the property of the market and cancel all future viewings?

Things to consider: What will the qualification of a potential buyer look like? What paperwork will be provided? Could a Reservation Agreement be put in place (note: this is NOT just for New Builds). Given the high levels of fall throughs in recent years, these are becoming ever more popular within RedRoots Sales.

What marketing will be done to show your property in the best light?

What marketing will be done to show your property in the best light?

How often and through what method does your Agent communicate with you?

Things to consider: How often would you like an update with progress, some like weekly updates whereas others only want to know when something needs actioning. The important thing is that your house moving experience should be tailored to you.

What can proactively be done prior to the property being made available online for sale?Can the agent demonstrate the active buyers they have within their database who may be interested in your home?

Things to consider: A good local Estate Agent should be able to reach out to buyers within the market place similar to your home so that you can begin gathering interest as soon as possible. With good relationships built with people looking to move it should be possible for the Estate Agent to understand what buyers needs and goals are and whether they can be matched with your property.

Interested in a property advice meeting or just curious to how much your home may be worth? We have three options to suit you.