RedRoots Property was created to offer people a great service when moving home, whether it be from offering great support outside of traditional working hours, right through to offering increased security around a home sale.

We have a very strong vision to raise the standards of the industry, to do this we need to lead the way offering better marketing, utilising the power of social media, digital marketing campaigns, 1-2-1 WhatsApp support and so on. We strongly believe, that these should not be seen ‘as the future’, instead they are very much now in the present.

Who better to lead the way than business owners operating as specialist agents within their local community, where they take their kids to the local schools and walk the same streets as you do. You can have all the innovative technology you’d like but without that 1-2-1 support, local knowledge and general skin in the game, how can you be sure that your agent is working as best they can for you!

We started as a family business and that core ethos of do things the right way, not the easy way, is deeply embedded into the roots of the business, we’re very protective about the business remaining that way so if you’re interested in having a chat to hear more about how we can genuinely help you then please do reach out.