8 back garden improvements to create the ultimate

Summer is coming with a promise of heatwaves. That means warmer weather, BBQs, time for gardening, and longer days spent relaxing outside. That’s why now is also the perfect time to change up your back garden into a place you’ll never want to leave. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some careful planning.

1) Build an outdoor pergola for some much-needed shade

If you are looking for the perfect place to escape the sun, a pergola can serve as an eye-catching yet useful addition for some much-needed shade. These wood-beamed sitting areas are versatile structures that can come equipped with retractable canopies that let cool air in while keeping the sun out of your eyes. For some added fun, install a swinging bench, dining table, or day bed. And to really spruce up your space, design with string lights, curtains, an area rug, and patio furniture to make your pergola feel like an oasis retreat.

2) Utilise outdoor lighting to liven up your home at night

Outdoor lighting not only highlights certain features of your home but also extends the use-time of your outside space. Start by illuminating your landscaping. Adding lights that shine on landscaping like shrubs, trees, and architectural features such as wood archways can make your home exterior pop. Across stone walkways, install path lights leading to specific gathering areas of your garden. Tie together by installing string lights across the space. This will liven it up and make it feel open and inviting.

3) Add a stunning water feature to attract wildlife

For added tranquillity, install a water feature. Depending on the size available, there are many unique ways to utilise water such as a koi pond, water fountain, or even a water wall. If you have enough room a stream is a wildlife-friendly water feature that can attract small bees, inserts, and birds.

4) Update your landscaping for each season

If you want to improve your back garden by increasing its kerb appeal, update your landscaping to provide something of interest during each of the four seasons. You’ll want to have flowering shrubs, trees, and flowers throughout the summer and springtime, beautiful autumn foliage, and structure during the winter. You can also add hardscaping, layer your flower beds, and use form in your foliage to bring texture into your garden.

5) Build a fire pit to toast marshmallows

Home fire pits are a summer must have after a long day. The different types of fire pits include stone and brick, underground, raised, grated, or premade. When selecting your fire pit area, choose a space that has flat ground where you can lay down stone pavers or gravel.

6) Spruce up your garden space

A green section is the perfect addition no matter the size of your space. There are many ways to improve the look and function of your garden from hanging wall planters to bamboo trellises. Start by touching up your garden by adding planter boxes. If you lack the space, try vertical gardening. If you already have an established garden, incorporate the latest smart home tech to make maintenance easier. Setting up self-timed irrigation and self-watering pots can ensure your plants stay healthy and not overwatered. For an added touch, sow seeds between marble or rock slab walkways for a modern look.

7) Set up a hammock area to snuggle up with a good book

Nothing beats snuggling up to a good book in a hammock. Hammocks are relatively easy to install. All you need is two trees that are within 5-6ft from each other and sturdy straps. If you don’t have any trees, purchase a portable hammock stand that can be left out.

8) Cook your favourite meal in an outdoor kitchen

Turn your outside space into an entertainer’s paradise. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect addition for cookouts and dinner parties. Most outdoor kitchens consist of stainless-steel appliances graded for outdoor use, outdoor cabinets that are weather-proof, and weather-resistant countertops.

Wanting to get the most out of the summer season when selling your home? Or maybe you want to know what value you’ve added after making your improvements… get in touch today to get started!