Back to School When it Comes to Selling Your Home

We look at the lessons that you need to know when it comes to putting your property on the market.

Today we're going to walk up to the (digital) chalkboard and share five lessons to think about when selling your SESKU or Hemsworth home.

Maths – Make sure you have budgeted for everything. Mortgage costs are in the news but don't forget to do your sums around removal costs, agency fees, solicitors bills, and, if needed, any allowances for the refurbishment of your new home.

English – Choose an estate agent who doesn't talk jargon. When selling a home, you need an agent to communicate with you consistently, clearly, and expertly.

History – Look back and think about what made you buy your home. The reasons will be similar to those potential buyers seeking a home like yours. A good agent realises this and creates marketing messages around those reasons.

Physics – Selling a home is not rocket science. The formula is simple but not easy to produce. You need; an accurate valuation + expert marketing, + a hard-working & knowledgeable agent = A successful sale.

P.E. – How fit for purpose is your home? Are there niggly little maintenance jobs that need sorting? Could it do with a de-clutter to make it look more attractive? And make sure any estate agent you use can provide evidence of their track record by showing you testimonials and reviews from past clients.

Here at TPS, we always do our homework when it comes to helping people move successfully.