Checklist for home buyers

When it comes to moving home, this has been rated as one of the top three stressful things that you can do. Most of the stress comes from not knowing what is going on and not being prepared for things that can get easily missed. We are here with a handy checklist list of things to watch for when you are buying a new home.

Get your finances in place first

Whilst you will be tempted to dive right in with the thoughts of what houses you want, it makes sense to get all of your finances sorted first. Get your mortgage agreed and know how much you have to spend. This isn’t a binding mortgage offer, but an indication from the bank on how much they would be willing to lend you based on your circumstances.

Work out where you want to go and what is affordable in that area

These two go hand in hand, because you need to be realistic about what you can get in the areas you want, and you might well have to be prepared to compromise on one or the other. You will be able to get more for your money in cheaper areas, but you have to be sure they are places that you want to live in.

Do some research before putting in an offer

With facilities like the internet available it is really easy to see what other properties in the area you are looking to buy have gone for. You might also think about speaking to potential neighbours and nearby people to find out more about the area, or what they paid for their houses. You could also join local community groups on social media so you have a better understanding what’s around in the area you are potentially investing in.

Vary the times when you view

You will want to make sure you view the house at different times of day, and maybe include going at a few peak times so that you can see what the traffic is like. You want to know if it is noisy during the day or during the evening. You should also view it in different types of weather. When it is bright and sunny then any property can seem nice, but if the sun shines right into your sitting room all evening or all day, then this may not be suitable.

Check everything at the property

When viewing a property it is vital that you check everything. Turn all the lights on and off, and all the built in furniture to make sure they work. Ask if the heating can be turned on, so you can check that it works. Look under rugs, window frames and behind pictures to see if they are hiding cracks or damp.

Get your offer accepted

Once you have selected your property then it is time to put in an offer. This will need to be based on a number of things, is the property overpriced? Has it been on the market a long time? Is there a lot of interest? You want to make sure you make the right offer. Once it gets accepted then the hard work really begins.