Give Your Garden a Springtime Makeover

Remember lockdown when we had nothing to do? Gardening became a fun pastime, and having outside space was a luxury. Well, now that the spring sunshine is back and you don’t need to wear four layers to keep warm, it’s time to make gardening cool again.

Bask in those rays (however weak they may be) and get your hands dirty. Dust off that spade and get the broom ready.

In this quick read, we explore some easy ways to get your garden looking its best.

  • Sweep away the autumn

If your garden isn’t full of mouldy old leaves and weeds, then you’re one step ahead already. If it is, it’s time to absorb some vitamin D and get sweeping. Bag up those autumn leaves, or better yet, if you’ve got the space, start a compost bin so that you’ve got plenty of nutrient-rich garden soil to use later in the year.

  • Patio TLC

For gardens with a patio area, start preparing for the summer months and wash away the grubbiness of the winter. Freshen up any wooden furniture with a lick of varnish or give it a completely new look with brightly coloured paint.

If you’ve got a pressure washer, transform your patio from dull and lacklustre to shiny and (nearly) new. Please double-check if your area has a hosepipe ban in place – if not, it’s deffo time for an outside spring clean.

  • Go potty (for plants)

For those of us with small gardens, potted plants can make all the difference. Pull out the weeds and get rid of any debris to give yourself a fresh spring start.

While the more green-fingered readers may have planned ahead and planted their bulbs ready for bloom, don’t fret, you can still get that gorgeous spring look. Choose pre-potted seasonal bulbs like snowdrops, hyacinths, dwarf narcissi or similar potted bulbs and transfer them into containers or beds.

If you’ve got earthy borders, fill them up with perennials, ornamental grasses and seasonal flowers to add colour and tonnes of texture. Also, sow in annual seeds for the later months.

For those of us with a bit (or a lot) of grass, it’s probably in need of a bit of love and a good cut. If you’ve got a lawnmower, then it’s time to get mowing; if not, it might be worth getting a professional in to get it summer-ready. Trim the edges with a pair of shears and your garden will be picture-perfect in no time at all.

At RedRoots, we love a spring clear-up, inside and out. What are your favourite ways to get your garden summer-ready? Comment below.