How easy is it to switch agents during a tenancy?

Being a landlord isn’t easy, and it helps to get assistance from a professional. Many landlords utilise the services of agents, but sometimes, this agent isn’t the optimal choice for a landlord. If you would like to explore your options, you have probably asked yourself how easy it is to switch agents during a tenancy?

You must check your notice period

Before you get too excited about the prospect of switching agents, check your notice period. You should have a contract with an agent, and the terms of business dictate if you need to give notice to end the agreement. If you do have a notice period, you will need to terminate this agreement correctly.

If you feel you can discuss the matter with your agent, do so. They may be willing to negotiate an early release of the agreement, or they may offer a solution which creates a better working relationship.

Hand in your notice

Once you have decided you are going to sever the relationship, do so in writing and request confirmation of this notice. A useful tip is to schedule this notice alongside tenancy periods. Doing so helps you switch agents at the same time as rent is due.

Confirm your tenants’ details

While you should have correct contact details for your tenant on record, this is an excellent time to confirm these details are correct. This allows you to engage your tenant, and you feel confident supplying relevant contact details to your agent.

You should always look to minimise problems and confirming tenants’ contact details is a sensible strategy for all landlords regularly.

How to find a new agent?

If you are looking to switch agents, there is a good chance you plan to switch to a new agent, and you may even know which agent you intend to use. However, you may not have someone in mind. If this is the case, you will need to begin searching for a new agent.

Look online for reviews, and if you associate with other landlords, ask for recommendations. Also, before you commit to a new agent, arrange a meeting. You don’t need to become best friends with your new agent, but you should have respect for each other. A meeting allows you to ask questions, and you can find out a lot more about them as a person, and what they will do for you and your rental property.

Instructing a new agent

When you have decided on a new agent, you should review the business agreement carefully. If there are issues, you don’t agree with or don’t understand, raise the matter before signing the contract.

Instructing a new agent can take time, so try to do this as early as possible. Some of the steps an agent must do include:

· Contact tenants and arrange to meet with them

· Make arrangements for any payment changeover

· Draft a new tenancy agreement

· Ensure the deposit is transferred and protected

The more time you give an agent to do this work, the easier it will be for them.

If you’re a landlord looking for a new agent, or you wish to discuss your options, get in touch. We are here to help!