How NOT to Scare Off Potential Buyers

We look at 4 major things that could stop people from buying your home.

Don’t believe all you read in the news; people are still looking to buy and sell homes.

Despite the media making everything sound super scary, the property market in the SESKU area is still very active.

And with Halloween season recently upon us, we thought it was a nice idea to have a look at four things that scare off buyers (apart from the misinformed, sensationalist media).

1) Smell Hell – Whether it’s a wet dog smell, last night’s curry, damp used towels in the laundry basket or simply stale air, bad smells put people off quicker than almost anything else.

Solution: Open the windows before viewings, clean up all the above and more, consider using very light incense and / or a natural-smelling room air freshener.

2) DIY Doom – Buyers don’t want to inherit your doomed Do It Yourself projects.

Solution: Fix all those annoying little things you haven’t gotten around to. The missing tiles in the bathroom, the half-finished feature wall, and if you haven’t got the time or skill to sort it out, call in a handy person.

3) ‘Dodgy’ Décor – If your choice of wall colours is a bit ‘out there’, it may put buyers off. Some people don’t have the imagination to see what the place would be like with a new colour scheme more to their taste.

Solution: Consider something neutral. You may think it’s boring, but if you are serious about selling your home, it’s these things that make a big difference.

4) Mess Monsters – We know you’re busy, and if you have young children (or let’s face it, even older ones), there is bound to be some mess. We feel your pain (how many times can a teenager be told, ‘please clean your room’?), but many buyers don’t.

General clutter and mess put people off quicker than a shadowy figure lurking in the corner of the lounge.

Solution: Simple – have a quick tidy-up before every viewing. Remember, out of sight is out of mind.

With a bit of thought and effort, you can easily turn your property from a house of horrors to a must-have home.

Thanks for reading.