A lot of estate agents especially in today's market will over price your property to get the listing...........

Other agents

When you first choose an estate agent, you’ll probably contact several to come round and view your property. After discussion with you, each will then tell you what asking price they’re prepared to place on it.
This price may vary between estate agents, sometimes by tens of thousands of pounds. It’s tempting to go for the highest estimate but take care. Some estate agents may deliberately over-value your home just to get you on their books. You may then wait in vain for offers, only to have to lower your price – by which time your property has been on the market for some time, which in itself can put off buyers.
Do your own research into similar local properties, and see what they are actually selling for (i.e., their final price). Choose the asking price that is just a little higher than this, so you’ve got room to come down if necessary.

How I work!
I always prefer the honest approach; I'm not a corporate estate agent and I don't get a nice little tip for every listing I get. So let me be honest, I don't get a penny until your property is sold and completed! This means I will do the research and tell you what your property is actually worth. A lot of people do hear the bigger number and jump on board with those agents. Have a quick nosey on their Facebook page, how many properties do you see reduced? Don't be fooled!

If you would like a free valuation or any advice on selling your property, please give me a call.

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