Six Simple Steps to Sustainable Home Improvements

Want to improve your home and be environmental friendly? Today we discuss just how you can do this.

At TPS, we’re in the business of helping people in the SESKU and Hemsworth area move for the long haul.

This approach helps us see the big picture, not just of the local property market, but the urgent need for us all to live more sustainably.

And we understand that some people won’t be thinking of moving but will be considering improving their home.

So, we’ve researched these six ideas to help you make home improvements with the planet’s health in mind.

1) Second-hand kitchens – Purchasing a used or ex-display kitchen reduces waste and potentially saves you thousands of pounds.

2) Think before you buy – Do you really need to purchase new items and materials? What can you reuse? Can something be upcycled before you head out to the shops?
You’d be amazed what happens when you shift your mindset from replacing to reusing.

3) Use low VOC paints – Paints that use low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are better for you and the environment because they often contain far fewer chemicals. The range of these paints is growing all the time.

4) Bigger spending, bigger savings – Some of the more costly ways to improve your home’s sustainability can be the ones that save you the most money in the long run. Think new windows, solar power and updating your home’s insulation.

5) Keep it local – When buying materials and items to improve your home, aim to buy locally. This reduces emissions and often supports the local economy.

6) Do your best – Even by doing just one of the above, you’ll be doing something positive for the planet and future generations. So don’t beat yourself up for not being a green god or goddess. Just do what you can with what you have.

There are plenty more ways to improve your home AND lessen its environmental impact.

Thanks for reading.