Take home décor tips from Sweden by implementing ‘

As home décor goes, cosy is the way forward in the colder months. Whether you’re staging your home for a winter sale or just looking forward to cuddling up under blankets, these small changes to your surroundings can make all the difference…

Winter in the UK can be freezing but if you’re dreading the cold weather, you're not alone. Nearly half of Brits admit to feeling low during the dark evenings so to help the nation see the winter light, we are providing our top tips to 'creating cosy' ahead of the onset of the coldest months. It’s also good to know all these tips will help sell a house during the bleak, darker months of the year!

Take your home décor tips from Sweden. With temperatures plummeting to as low as -30°C, winter in Sweden is all about enjoying 'cosy'. They even have their own term – Mysig - that describes both the concept of cosiness and the pleasure that it provides. There is so much to love about winter – cosy nights in, dimmed lighting and candles, intimate gatherings with friends or family, comfort food, roaring fires, wrapping up warm…

1. The great winter cover up.

When it's dark and cold outside, there's nothing better than getting your cosy-on indoors. Make sure good quality blankets are dotted around your home ready to wrap up at a moment's notice. Go for the minimal look and stick to neutral colours and subtle patterns but the most important thing is to choose soft, snuggly blankets for maximum cosiness.

2. Satisfying scents.

An inviting scent makes us happier to be home and can significantly impact our mood. Freshly laundered clothes top the nation's favourite smells list but for the cosiest and most welcoming of whiffs this winter, we suggest the smell of baking.

3. Brighten dark nights with flickering light.

Candles should be a staple of the home, especially in winter. Electric candles can look just as effective but no matter what type of candle you go for, dim the lights and enjoy dancing flicker. The essence of cosy in winter is, without doubt, a roaring fire. A log fire will make your home inviting, keep you toasty, and creates a warming glow for the cosiest of living spaces.

4. Winter reads.

Snuggling up with a good book is a splendid way to get through the long winter evenings. Rather than spending time glued to apps, tackling emails or social media, reading is a great way to escape the daily grind and the perfect distraction for a successful 'digital detox'. Popping some books around will ensure you can grab a good story in minutes, and can look great as decoration.

5. Live Mysig.

A Swedish cultural gem, the term Mysig incorporates all of the above. Mysig translates as 'cosy' and describes the happiness we feel from a warm and welcoming environment. To achieve Mysig, relax in the bath with candles, curl up on the sofa with a good book, do some baking, enjoy coffee and cake with friends, surround yourself with snuggly soft furnishings... It's about embracing downtime, making our homes cosy and spending quality time alone or with others.