The benefits of using a local estate agent to sell

When looking to choose an estate agent to sell your home there are many different factors to consider & it is often hard to choose. Considering the recent explosion in home working, one factor that can benefit you as a seller is your agent having local knowledge when dealing with an out of area buyer

It may sound obvious but local estate agents come with unrivalled local knowledge.

All of The Property Shop staff grew up and still live in the local towns and villages, allowing them to give advice on the local area and property market based on their own personal experiences.

When selling your most valuable asset it is imperative that the company selling the property has local knowledge to detail the various benefits of a property and the local area.

With the recent growth of 'home working' we have seen the number of 'out of area' buyers rapidly increase and with this influx it is imperative that your estate agent knows the area and can provide those potential buyers with the various benefits of living in a property such as yours.

A personal relationship

Selling or buying a home is an incredibly personal, and at times emotional, experience.
It is important that you have the accountability of the staff but also the regularity of contact with the same person when dealing with your property sale.

At The Property Shop you will always be dealing with the same people, from the point of instruction of sale to conducting viewings and then transacting the sale once a sale has been agreed.

If you are looking to buy your next home, forming a close, in-person relationship with your consultant helps them to understand exactly what you’re looking for, so they can let you know about ideal properties for you as soon as they go on sale. If you are selling, by getting to know you and your property inside out, they will be able to advertise it to potential buyers in the best way possible.

Advertise to a more diverse yet focused audience

While it may seem that the whole world is online these days, there are still people who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way so when using an online estate agent, you could end up missing out on a large group of potential buyers.

If you sell with The Property Shop your property will still be advertised online, taking pride of place on our website, social media accounts, and on national sites such as Rightmove, but it will also be showcased via property alerts to our retained database of clients, looking specifically for a property such as yours.

Increasingly we market and sell properties to our database of clients before they even reach the property portals. The benefit of this is that it gives our sellers the opportunity to take back control of their move, allowing them not only time to find somewhere but also releasing that pressure of having to field countless property viewings until they secure a sale with a myriad of buyers that may not even want a property like yours.

By working with our database of clients we can tailor make their requirements to make sure that the right clients are seeing your property at the right time, meaning that the chances of achieving a sale at the right price are greatly enhanced.

As a seller if you are looking to buy we can do the same for you, giving you the 'heads up' of our properties that are coming onto the market before they hit the property portals.

A more pro-active approach

With the various changes that Covid has brought along to the property market and the restrictions on viewings if you have not sold; estate agents have had to be a lot more focused and proactive on their approach towards marketing and selling properties.

As a company we have embraced this change and have used this opportunity to alter our approach towards how we market and sell properties.

There has been too much reliance on the property portals such as Rightmove in the vain hope that the property will just 'sell itself'.

But what if it doesn't....? What will your estate agent do then?

If they have no strategy of how to achieve you a sale, then why would you even considering using them?

The time to change is now, the time to sell your property in the right way and under your terms is now.

Ready to make that move or just want to chat to someone?

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