Top qualities to look for in your estate agent

Finding the right estate agent can be hard, but with a few small tips, you can make sure you get it right the first time, and are on your way to selling your home quickly. To select what works for you, a real estate agent needs to have a number of important traits.

Local market understanding

It’s hard to fathom an estate agent who doesn’t understand the market or have an inkling of the real estate terrain in the locality. The agency you choose should have professionals who comprehend the community really well and can buy or sell without a problem. From areas with low crime, public amenities, transport links to academic institutions, quality real estate agents know their local area.

Observable honesty

Just like hiring any professional out there, getting the best estate agent is as risky as anything else. If you can get a recommendation from a person you trust, all the better. However, this isn’t always the case and you might have to judge the individual for yourself. An honest real estate agent will be very authentic from the beginning. For instance, if the home you need to sell requires some intensive repairs and fixing, the individual will be candid with you. The person must be someone you believe will always have your best interest all the time.

Communicates amicably

One of the key traits of a real estate agent that comes into use all the time is communication. Ability to communicate is diverse, from being able to speak with potential buyers or sellers to keeping you updated as much as possible on the progress and condition of your property.

Great at listening and taking instructions

If getting an agent to take up your instructions is really hard then there’s a problem. As the property owner or buyer it’s the business of the agent to just listen. A quality agent adapts to you and reads you very well, including knowing the best way of reaching you; you might prefer email, text messages, phone calls or just typical one-on-one meetings.

Well networked

If real estate agents are to succeed they need to be well networked. Having lots of contacts within a specific zone or locality is very important and shows the ability to penetrate where it matters. They should be connected to potential sellers and buyers, brokers and other estate agencies as well as loan officers, home inspectors, repairers and appraisers.

Makes the most of tech

You don’t really need real estate agents who have no idea how to leverage on modern technology. If they only use newspapers, magazines and conventional media to advertise their property or services you need to be sceptical. The best estate agents and agencies have websites and are aptly web savvy so that they know which websites to use to sell or buy property, among other things. Social media is big today and they should be able to leverage on it as much as possible.

Every property owner deserves a real estate agent with all the proper qualities to help them sell or purchase homes and other properties or just to manage their assets. Do ensure the one you choose exhibits the qualities you hold dear.