Top tips to ensure that offers are made by hosting

Viewings are an essential part of selling your home. This article will give you some top tips to get those offers flying in!

When initially embarking on the journey to sell your home, the main thoughts are about the price, the costs you will have to pay out, and the wonderful new home you will be able to live in soon.

So it can come out of the blue that you will have to show people around once the property has been marketed. Of course, you've always known that this is part of the process, but it is often overlooked.

Many people simply open the door and walk around, letting the viewers follow them asking questions as they go.

Some agents will show your property for you, meaning that you simply have to go out for a coffee or a walk and leave them to do their job.

But what should you do if you have to show your own property? How can you ensure the viewing goes well and inspire an offer from the viewers? The lasting impression of your property is what you leave the viewers with. This is when they decide if they want to live there or not, so it must go well.

Choosing a home to buy is an emotional decision, not a logical one. The viewing appointment is the point where the buyers will either fall in love with it or they won't. Often you will hear in feedback that the property didn't feel right or it just wasn't for them. These are emotional responses to your home.

But there are ways to ensure that the feeling a viewer gets when they view your property is positive. They feel welcomed and warm, like the home is already theirs, and it gives them a big hug. They can visualise their furniture in the rooms and their children running around the garden.

With so much pressure and importance put on the actual viewing appointments, it makes sense to use tips and hacks to ensure they go the best they can, right?

So, what the pros do:

Greeting - it is important to be welcoming. Viewing properties for the first time can be nerve-wracking; coming into someone else's home for a nosey around feels invasive. So be warm and inviting and put them at ease. You may also feel nervous and exposed, showing someone around the intimate corners of your property to judge if they like it! Do your best to put everyone at ease.

Start at the beginning - this sounds obvious, but many of us choose to use a side entrance or the back door into our properties because it is perhaps more convenient to get to from where you park the car. Your viewer doesn't know this, so use the front entrance for your viewings. Don't make them feel silly for going to the wrong door.

Be prepared - viewers will likely feel as if they are intruding, so be ready for their arrival. There's nothing worse than feeling like you shouldn't be there. Make sure you have finished hoovering and mopping long before the viewing time and be waiting to greet them as soon as they arrive so that they are not left on the doorstep whilst you finish a mad dash around the house.

Don't talk too much - the viewers need time to think and take in your home. They need time to imagine living there, so try not to fill the silence with small talk. They may be awkward silences to you, but the viewers will have time to think about your home rather than what you are saying and responding to you.

Finish in the best room - Whichever part of your home has the best feel, lighting, and nicest sitting area, aim to finish the viewing here. In the summer, this may be outside on the decking, enjoying a refreshing drink whilst taking in the view. Whereas in winter, you might end the viewing sat in front of a crackling fire in a cosy snug. This will be the last memory that the viewers have of your home, so make it a good one.

Leave them alone - if you can, and you feel comfortable doing so, after giving them the guided tour, leave them to walk back around the property alone. This gives them a chance to take it all in properly and, perhaps, have a quick whispered conversation. Whilst I don't advocate eavesdropping, it can give you a great insight into what they are thinking and allow them to share their thoughts with each other in the property rather than trying to remember as they drive away.

Offer a second visit - as they leave, let them know that it's OK if they need to come back for another viewing, and if there are any questions, to get in touch with the agent.

Don't swap numbers - the cardinal sin with property sales is to exchange numbers. It may feel that you are being helpful by allowing the viewers to ask you questions directly. But it almost always ends badly, and you could end up negotiating an offer by text message late at night, which will likely result in a lower sale price for you. Leave this bit to the professionals - that is what you are paying them for

These points may seem a little obvious and perhaps like a guide on being polite rather than selling your home. But, it is human nature to fill the silence with chatter, which can be counterproductive when trying to sell. And it is essential to view your home through the eyes of a potential buyer and see what they will see.

If you have any questions about marketing your property for sale or showing viewers around, get in touch with our team of property experts today.