What do tenants really want in a rental property?

We’ve often heard about tales of tenants and the pertinent issues with landlords. Even if it doesn’t sound pleasant, the reality is true in most cases. However, there are exceptions no doubt and these often occur when the understanding and rapport between tenants and landlords works great; both perform their respective tasks, act in a timely manner and are rather open about what they actually seek from the other. A number of surveys were conducted at several places by researchers about the need fulfillment of landlords or, in other words, what they really seek from the tenancies. This largely differed in terms of the age groups who are given the rental flats or apartments; and hence the categories went something like - professional workers, young independents, small or large families on a tight budget or the elderly couples looking for spaces at their old age.

Landlords must be especially wary about looking for tenants who would give them good returns on investment. Aside that, learning the psyche of tenants who usually look for certain features is something that must be acted upon too. Here are a few things that landlords must check to boost chances of getting good tenants for their properties.

Location is primary

Talk to any tenant and he or she would admit that location stays the most important priority. While most people often come with a checklist of amenities that would improve their living, tenants usually look for properties that are in proximity to work, schools, colleges, workplaces, grocery shopping and entertainment options too.

Safety and security go hand in hand

A secure place to stay and survive is as basic as the need to live. Any tenant would look for a house or a landlord who knows how to provide a crime free neighborhood. One can surely say that the crime statistics is not really in the hands of the provider, but when considering a place to stay and relax; tenants would surely vie for the same as much as their purchasing counterparts.

Ageing is natural, but young properties win the deal

Isn’t it natural to seek for younger properties? In other words, those houses or flats of recent built are easier to maintain and chances of having repairs are minimised considerably. In addition to the money they shell out at the beginning of the month, why would anyone be up for taking stress over leakages and wear and tear every now and then?

Storage means add-ons

The reason why storage facilities make for win-win situations is simply because of the neat and tidy look the flat imparts. Having a couple or more of storage counters or lofts will see many tenants choosing the property as that would help them stay free from the clutter. This also includes parking for vehicles like bikes and cars.

Needless to say, this can’t be an exhaustive list. But the above-mentioned aspects are usually the foremost ones that landlords must pay special attention to, if they feel the need to attract potent tenants and utilise the property well.