What to look for in YOUR estate agent... the 7 Cs

Trying to choose the best estate agent for you? Here are seven key things to focus on when picking an agent to market your home...


You want to be sure that whoever you choose, knows their stuff... right?

When getting your home valued, and speaking to the negotiators on the phone, ask them plenty of questions about the industry and the housing sector in general... and be confident that those you are trusting with your home are armed with enough knowledge to carry out the job.


As far as consistency goes, you may be bowled over by a fancy brochure and quirky marketing, but check that it is impeccable EVERY time.

Look for an agent with a proven track record of successful sales and lets! That way, when you choose this estate agent... you know with certainty that the same effort will be put into your home, because their standards never slip!


Accuracy in property marketing is crucial!

This not only enhances the overall presentation of your listing, but also saves potential problems from arising during the conveyancing process later!


Selling your home is never a speedy process. You are likely going to be speaking to your chosen estate agent regularly for several months.

Before going ahead... ask your agent to inform you of the next steps, the general process from start to finish, and what plans they have to communicate with you throughout.


To maximise the price you ultimately achieve for your home... it is imperative that you choose an estate agent that is unique and creative with their marketing.

Look at their website and their social media pages for original material.

If they can demonstrate themselves as a company in an imaginative way, you can expect the same commitment to your property listing, which takes us on to number 6...


Getting the highest price for your home comes from generating interest in your property. Before you select an estate agent, take the time to look at their existing homes for sale/to let.

Do they engage the audience? Are they attractive? Are they quirky and appealing? You put your heart and soul into making your house a home... so the same effort from your estate agent is the least you can expect... right?


OK... so we are in 2022. Innovation in technology is rife... and software in estate agency can sometimes be left behind!

Before choosing your agent... ask them for more information about how they operate! Printed hand-out sheets and newspaper articles are a thing of the past.

The industry demanded much more... so you want to make sure your estate agent meets this necessity and is ultra-modern!