What Your Tenants Need to Know on Moving-In Day

Want to get your new tenancy off to a good start and safeguard against future disputes? Then here are some important things you should tell your tenants on moving-in day.

Let’s face it, finding good tenants and getting all the relevant paperwork ready for a new tenancy is hard work.

As well as arranging viewings and reference checks, landlords have to finalise the contract, compile an inventory and take meter readings.

By the time all this is done, most landlords are itching to get the moving-in formalities over with quickly and leave their tenants to unpack.

But while it may be tempting to hand over the keys and leg it faster than Usain Bolt, it’s best to take a different approach.

We suggest you take the opportunity to talk through a few practical issues with your new tenants. This informal, in-person chat will build trust and reduce the chances of conflict later on. It will also mean that tenants don’t have to chase you up with niggling, minor queries.

Here are five things you should discuss with your tenants on the day they move in.

Rules on rubbish
Avoid the ugly sight and smell of overflowing bins outside your rental property by explaining the rules on rubbish disposal. Outline when the bins are collected and what items should be recycled or put into food waste.

Light bulb reminder
If the lighting in your property relies on dimmer switches, remind your tenant that only dimmable light bulbs should be used (this should be specified on the packaging). Using standard bulbs with dimmer lights is a potential fire hazard.

Fuse box explainer
It’s useful for tenants to know where the fuse box is so that if a fuse trips, they can reset it (if it’s safe to do so).

Show tenants where the stopcock is
If a pipe bursts or a tap breaks, you’ll want your tenants to act quickly. Show them where the stopcock is located so that if there is an emergency, they can turn off the internal water supply to prevent flooding.

Appliance information
Run through how to operate the boiler and any other appliances where it might not be straightforward. Leave copies of appliance manuals with tenants so they can refer to them if needed.

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