Who’s renting your home?

When you are giving your property to rent, you are trusting a stranger with your property. No matter what you do for a living, owning a property requires a lot of efforts. Property in UK does not come cheap, and the prices have risen over the past years. Whether you are renting out your property that you live in or some other property in your investment portfolio, you will want to have the best tenant. Also, there is some sentimental value attached to the property, so you need to be certain about who is living in it.

One of your responsibilities as a landlord is to know how you can protect your property. You also need to be prepared to deal with any issues that rise. So, how do you find out who is renting your home. Here are few points that may help you -


Just like a landlord needs to follow certain rules, there are rules for tenants too. Check whether your prospective tenant is legally permitted to rent a property in UK.

Background and credit checks

You should perform a background check on the person to ensure their identity and credentials are valid. You can verify their identity, talk to their earlier landlord, and verify their place of work and more. Also, perform a criminal background check for any minor or severe offences.

Letting out a property, and not getting rent on time can be a nightmare. Perform credit checks on the person to ensure that they are reliable. Sometimes, landlords ask the applicants to pay the fee for credit check.

Verify tenant ages

If there are multiple tenants who will be residing, check that all the tenants are above the age of 18. The age criteria must be met even if the tenant is not named in the tenancy agreement.

Don’t discriminate

You need to check every person you are considering to lease your property to, not just people you think are not British citizens. If you do not make that check, it is against the law.

Under the Federal Fair Housing Act, it is important to treat all prospective tenants equally. You cannot discriminate them based on their religion, race, color, family status, national origin and more.

Search in advance

Do not wait until the property is empty to search for tenants. Plan the situation well in advance. Talk to the existing tenants to co-operate and allow you to show the property to new prospects.

Tenancy agreement

Make sure that you have a comprehensive agreement created and signed, before you hand over the keys to your property.

Finding the right tenant may not be as simple as it sounds. By carrying out thorough checks on the prospects, you can minimise the risks of arrears in rent and other problems. Do not rush to fill an empty property. Take your time as hasty decisions can lead to difficult situations. Always trust your gut. If you are feeling that a certain person is not right, check the identity and history of the person properly.

Having the right tenant not only safeguards your property, it also gives you peace of mind. So, be practical, do your research and then make a decision.