Why People Sell Homes & Why Listening Matters

One of the most critical questions any good estate agent will ask a prospective home seller is simple.“Why are you selling?” - read on to find out why.

It isn’t the agent just being a nosy so and so by asking you the reasons why you are selling your property.

It’s a key question because, contrary to some stereotypes about agents loving the sound of their own voice, the best estate agents are often great listeners.

And by listening to what reasons the person provides, the agent will be equipped to help the seller achieve their goals.

For example, if a family are selling to upsize.

In this situation, the best agents will know which prospective buyers in their database are seeking similar properties. Then they can match them accordingly. They also understand how vital timeframes are, especially if moving to new schools is involved.

And if someone is selling due to a divorce or separation, an experienced agent knows the compassion, care and confidentiality needed in this situation.

If a young couple is selling a property for the first time, a skilled agent will know what questions they may need answering. And in this scenario, agents who really care will also make themselves available to give advice and support about the couple’s future purchase.

By listening intently, exceptional agents can build the picture (and devise a plan) which will best serve the home sellers’ needs and ambitions.

If they need a quick sale, this can be factored into the pricing strategy.

If the seller is in no rush, this will call for a different strategy.

If you want to sell your home and an agent isn’t asking you questions and listening to your answers, then be warned.

Working with an agent is a relationship that requires mutual trust and rapport if you want it to be a successful and enjoyable experience.

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